Catch and Release began as a consignment store, and although we do purchase items from time to time, a greater part of our inventory is consignment based. We attempt to mantain a good balance of presenting our buyers with exceptional items at great prices; while bringing our consigners the best option for making money on belongings that they are able and willing to part with.  Our consignment percentages vary, depending on type of merchandise. We accept upscale clothing; cleaned and in good condition. We accept boots and footwear in excellent condition, and cleaned of all mud and debris. One of our long-time consigners pays to have his consignment clothing pressed, because it sells faster, and he's correct. With antique items, we decide on a case by case basis, depending on the rarity and age of the item being consigned. Most of our hunting, camping and fishing consignment items should be in working order, unless it is collectible in any condition. While items with small flaws may be accepted, they won't bring in the money that the same item in pristine condition would bring. 

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